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Machines and Equipment

We have several alternatives that’ll provide value and quality to your products.

Bottling machines

Filling and dosing systems for liquid and viscous products.


Stapling machines for aluminum clips applicable to bags, casings and meshes.


Solutions for the fast emulsification of fine pastes and obtaining high quality in the finished product.

Freezer spacer

Spacers for product storage, freezing and transport.


Industrial equipment for the reduction of the size of meat, cheese and vegetables.

Hamburger makers

Equipment for the formation of meat or vegetable products.

Heat shrink packing machines

Solutions for grouping and packaging of products.

Hygiene systems

Industrial hygiene equipment technologies and integrated sanitary filter systems specialized in the food industry.

Ice generators

Flake ice systems with scraper.

Industrial microwave ovens

Defrosting or dehydration system by microwave for a batch sized and continuous application.

Industrial Ovens

Cooking, baking, smoking, roasting and caramelizing systems for the food industry.

Industrial washing machines

Industrial washing solutions for trays, bins, and cars.


Injection systems for meat products with applications in cooked or marinated products.

Lifts and tumblers

Machines for the lifting and / or dumping of containers, bins or trucks for industrial use.

Load manipulators

Handling equipment and loaders of coils, drums and boxes for easy mobility.


Equipment for the process of massaging meat products, with high capabilities on adaptability according to the requirements.

Meat Harvesters

Equipment for the recovery of beef, pork and chicken.

Metal Detectors

Equipment for the detection of metals, Ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel.


Solutions for mixing and / or kneading food products.

Sausage peeler

Machinery for the peeling of plastic casings of sausages type Frankfurt of high speed.

Sausage sorters and loaders

Loading and sorting systems for cylindrical products such as sausages and cheese bars.

Sealer and Filler

Systems for filling and measuring liquid, pasty and creamy products.

Skinning and membrane removal equipment

Skinning and membrane removal equipment for meat, fishing and poultry industry

Slicers and applicators

Equipment for the slicing, stacking and application of cold meats, hams, cheese and vegetables.


Equipment for the efficient process of stuffing plastic casings, collagen and natural.

Systems for emulsion and hams

Lines of emulsions and reductions for the manufacture of hams, cold meats and sausages.


Equipment for packaging with thermoforming system applicable to rigid and / or flexible materials.


Packaging solutions for products in presentation of trays, buckets or heat sealable flakes.

Vacuum packers

Equipment for the vacuum packaging of products.

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